5 Changes That Will Alter Income for Physicians in 2015

The start of each New Year can mean exciting changes or troubling news for physicians.  These changes can often have an affect on income for physicians and their practices.  Below are a few of the changes in 2015 to look out for. Four New Modifiers In January, four new subset modifiers were rolled out in […]

What does Taylor Swift have to do with Pain Management?

A recent Northwestern medical study has shown that children who listened to 30 minutes of pop songs by Rihanna, Taylor Swift and other musicians had a major reduction in pain after undergoing major surgery.

Watch Out for These 4 Patient Payment Hurdles

Reports show that roughly 42.9 million people with credit records have unresolved medical expenses.  It’s no surprise that patient payments continue to be a difficult task in revenue cycle management for billing administrators. Medical practices, ASCs and hospitals all face big hurdles when it comes to collecting payment from their patients.  MGMA (Medical Group Management […]

Is the Healthcare Industry the Newest Target of Cyber Theft?


Kelli Dame with Fox News wrote “These days, healthcare professionals have to be more than just healthcare professionals, they have to be cybersecurity experts, too.” There has been a recent increase in cybertheft world wide. Last summer Chinese hackers stole millions of patients’ personal data in what is thought to be once of the largest […]

Critical Access Hospitals Axed in Obama Budget

The 2016 budget had many items red-lined and taking a large hit was critical access hospitals.  The budget proposal eliminates critical designation for hospitals that are close to other hospitals, which could create a possible savings of $770 million.  These issues are particularly hard for small hospitals because they have fewer budget items they can […]